Please apply for a dealership to become authorized reseller of YSS suspension!

Do you have a motorcycle related company and wish to to resell our products?

Why choose Suspension-Store ?

- We are distributor for YSS suspension and order directly from the factory.

- Compared to other YSS distributors we offer loads of advantages in custom options, such as length and color options. The custom shocks are ONLY here for sale! We delliver a wide range of CafeRacer products and Classic Racing products.

- In contrary to other distributors, we place orders at the YSS factory twice a week to keep deliverytimes reasonable.

- The other distributors make their own choice of what they want to sell, at Suspension-Store it is the customer that has the choice. We order and deliver all YSS motorcycle shocks.

- We ship Worldwide, reasonable rates, reasonable shipping time.

- WE protect the YSS prices throughout the WWW.

- No need for you to keep stock, no minimum order quantity or annual minimum quantity, we appreciate any reseller of our products, large or small.

- We support your online selling by providing documentation and pictures.

We accept:
- Motorcycle related official companies (not amateur builders)
- Companies that are sincere to our products and sell with respect.
We do not wish to be placed in the market as a cheap, funny looking alternative to any other brand (that is in fact way too expensive) simply because we are not.
- Companies that promisse us to not destroy YSS prices.

Please provide us with your company details here below to become authorized dealer: 

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