YSS RG362-TRCL custom options

The YSS RG362-TRCL as custom option has partnumber RG-MO-362-TRCL + color code and RG-CB-362-TRLC + color code. We offer these for the creative markets, such as Caferacer builds.
Two partnumbers:
- MO means MOdular, available lengths 280-390mm, we use basic shocks and modify them to your specs.
If you need a longer length then we must completely rebuild the shocks, that explains the higher price, partnumber CB stands for Custom Built. Available lengths 400-500mm
We separated these two to keep the average price down.

These shocks are NOT universal, please mark the motorcycle brand and model, you wil receive model-specific shock absorbers at the wished length. We also ask to choose the dimensions of the mountingpoints, because they are often used for builds with non-standard mounting points.

To check the basic RG362-TRCL specifications, please click this LINK.
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