Honda CRF 250 L MD44 2017-2020

NEW 2023 LINE-UP !

The previous weight ranges and naming of the CRF parts, offered unclear information.
So we completely re-developed, re-arranged and expanded the CRF 250 L product range!

We have divided the use of the CRF in 3 ways:

1. ALLROAD use. If you use your CRF mainly on sandy roads, Tarmac roads and some light Enduro, then choose for the ALLROAD-range.

2. ENDURO use. If you use your CRF on sandy roads and heavier Enduro tracks, then choose for the ENDURO-range.

3. HEAVY DUTY TRAVELING use. If you use your CRF for traveling with heavy luggage, then choose for the HEAVY DUTY range.

After choosing the use of your bike, then choose your rider weight including gear, we'll make sure you receive the ordered YSS products with the correct specifications!
Upgrade your CRF with our YSS suspension products..... YOU'LL LOVE IT !

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