Honda CRF 300 L ND16 2021 >

The previous weight ranges and naming of the CRF parts, offered unclear information.
So we completely re-developed, re-arranged and expanded the CRF 300 RALLY product range!

We have divided the use of the CRF in 2 ways: ALLROAD and ENDURO.
After this categorising we added a full range of riders weights.
For every use and weight we now offer a full range of suspension upgrades, 3 shock variants each, fork springs and cartridge kits.

ALLROAD: If you use your CRF mainly on sandy roads, Tarmac roads and some light Enduro, then choose for the ALLROAD-range.
4 weight categories:
  • ALLROAD - 55-70 KG rider + gear.
  • ALLROAD - 71-90 KG rider + gear.
  • ALLROAD - 91-110 KG rider + gear.
  • ALLROAD - HEAVY DUTY LUGGAGE > for traveling with luggage and/or heavy riders.
ENDURO: If you use your CRF on sandy roads and heavier Enduro tracks, then choose for the ENDURO-range.
3 weight categories:
  • ENDURO - 55-70 KG rider + gear.
  • ENDURO - 71-90 KG rider + gear.
  • ENDURO - 91-110 KG rider + gear.
Upgrade your CRF with our YSS suspension products..... YOU'LL LOVE IT !

Q: Do you also offer shock springs for the standard Honda shock?
A: We do not offer separate springs to mount on original shock absorbers, this is a downgrade. The standard shock has an inferiour damping system, when mounting a harder spring, this only comes under more pressure. A simple re-spring is therefore a bad choice. A re-spring + re-shimming, which would be slightly better has a cost price that is too close to the price of a complete new rear shock absolute no brainer...  If you in fact want an upgrade, then do it right! 

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