(300.1.12) RZ362-320TRL-03-BLK - Full Black Custom Series

YSS Topline

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Custom item, please allow some days to rebuild and anodise the parts.

€ 489,00
Price per set of 2



Original YSS shock absorbers, rebuilt and black anodised by Suspension-Store.

These shock absorbers were specificly developed for the motorcycle model they are listed for, therefore all mountings are fit to the standard bike. If this is a fork at the bottom then it will also be delivered with a fitting fork and if it has o-eye fittings, then it will be delivered with perfect fitting bushings.
Also the length of the shocks are as standard.
They replace the standard shocks 1 on 1.

These shock absorbers improve the standard behaviour of the bike in a very positive way. It is more comfortable, gives the rider a more solid feeling and is safer in use because the Nitrogen supported damping system is very effective and adjustable.
YSS shock absorbers have a very wide range of use compared to other brands, so solo use for lighter riders or duo use with 2 somewhat heavier riders is no problem, this all fits within the adjustment range. (tools are included)

For the basic specifications of this shock model, please click this LINK.

Do you need a custom length of this shock model?  please click this LINK.

ABE for German and Swiss customers: Most of the shocks delivered as standard YSS application have TÜV/ABE/KBA for the motorcycle model for which it is offered for. We, however, don't choose to carry the responsability for this.
So before you order, please check the list that is offered by the TÜV, if the motorcycle model is listed on this partnumber then they are KBA/TÜV approved and carry ABE. If not listed, then they have NO ABE!  We do not wish to receive reclamations over this, we put the responsabilty for 100% at the buyer.
You can check the updated list under this LINK