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12.2 - RE302-320T-09-BLK - standard application - Full Black Series
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Honda XBR 500, Kawasaki EL 252, ZL 252 Eliminator, Yamaha XJR 400, XS 650




€ 8,50 

€ 269,00
Preis pro set of 2

Verfügbarkeit : 100

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Set of 2 replacement YSS Ecoline shock absorbers, model specific developed for the model you searched on.

- Check the specifications for this model of shocks HERE
- For German and Swiss customers, check the ABE approval HERE  (if not marked > no ABE)

Length: as standard, 320MM
Mounting points: fit the standard vehicle.

- ALL YSS products are approved by the German TÜV on safety.
- ALL YSS products carry a 2 year warranty.
- ALL YSS products are delivered with tools to adjust the spring preload.


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