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Certification & warranty

YSS suspension carries a full, two year warranty on all products.

All YSS shockabsorbers carry a German TÜV approvement for the ABE standardization.
The TÜV approvement guarantees the highest safety and quality standards for our customers.

For Germany only:
In Germany it is mandatory, that not only the shockabsorbers have a TÜV approvement but also an ABE approvement to fit a specific type approved shockabsorber to a specific brand and make of motorcycle.
Only when a shockabsorber has an ABE for that specific model, then it is permissible to mount the component to your bike and be insured in case of an accident.

ALL the YSS shockabsorbers are TÜV approved, ALMOST ALL shocks have the German ABE.

In our webstore we mark the products with ABE with the ABE logo.