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MZ456-xxxH1R(L)-XX basic product info
MZ456-xxxH1R(L)-XX basic product info
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MZ456-H1R(L) Topline




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YSS MZ456-xxxH1R(L)-xx

Explanation partnumber:
M = Monoshock
Z = Topline gas shock
45 = 45MM piston
6 = 16MM shaft
xxx = length of the shock, measured center-eye to center-eye
H = Hydraulic spring preload adjustment (some are with knob, some are with allen key)
1 = Hydraulic preload adjuster on a hose.
R = Rebound adjustable
L = Length adjustment (no "L" > no length adjustment) ( +5/-5mm, so in total 10mm )
xx = number which connects the previous part of the partnumber to a specific motorcycle model, this can be for multiple models.

- Can be serviced.  (service kit available HERE ) (no service information available)
- Topline monoshock springs are always red, except the versions for BMW, these are black.

For German and Swiss customers, please look at the document in the next link to see if the shock absorber you are looking for has the modelspecific ABE for your country: 456 ABE

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